Energy Healing

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Energy Healing has been, is and always will be the most powerful way to heal. It doesn’t matter if you are going through physical, mental, spiritual or social challenges.

You are energy, I am energy, but also your computer and everything else around you, is build from it. Without energy, no life is possible. Every single person, animal, tree, plant, or even material object, has its own and very unique energy vibration. That is why everything looks and feels different. If all was vibrating on the same level, everything would look and be the same.

Energy Healing: Balancing and Raising Your Vibration

It is your energy vibration, that I tune into, when I work with you. I am an empath and intuitive energy healer and reader. I can see your energy and feel your energy. It is almost impossible to describe what energy looks and feels like, if you haven’t experienced this yourself.

We all have our “energetic experiences” though. All your thoughts, feelings and emotions are pure energy!!! The happier you feel, the higher your vibration is. You feel awesome when you’re in Love for example. That is because Love is the highest vibrational energy level we can handle in our beautiful Universe.

Love energy is pure Bliss!

From that vibrational state, you can do it all. You feel strong. You stand in your power. Suddenly you attract all that is good into your life.

This has to do with the Law of Attraction. It is the principle of “like attracts like”. If you are vibrating on high energy levels, you attract everything that vibrates on the same level. That is why it is so important to reconnect with your Blissful state.

When you for example feel irritated, you attract more of what irritates you. The Universe sends all situations, people, things, etc. to you, that make you even feel worse. This is not because the Universe doesn’t support you, or doesn’t love you.

It is not a personal thing. It is law. Like the law of gravity!

Back to energy healing. Because everything is created from energy, so is a disease or your mood or your current situation in life. Whenever we think, speak, feel, act, etc. from a low vibration energy level, we attract exactly the same. If a disease for example is compatible with the energy of your current mindset, you can get sick.

In energy healing a few things are important for you to be aware of

First of all it is about balance. Second it is about staying in balance by vibrating from the highest level possible. There is more to it, but these two things is what healing is about. I won’t puzzle your mind with complicated theories about how energy medicine works. There are great books written about for example Quantum Physics.

It is my honor to offer you Power Support to help you heal what is “broken” and blocked in your system. I work with quantum healing, theta healing and Reiki plus my intuitive powers. Sometimes I also add shamanic techniques to the process. It depends on you. We are all unique and need a different approach. So do you.

I will tap into your energy. You don’t have to be with me in person. I don’t even have to know what you look like. That is the beauty of working with energy. No matter where on our beautiful planet you live, if you give me your permission, I can work with you.

I offer 2 types of energy healing

The most effective one is through Skype. Together we will go through a deep process. Healing all from the root with help from Source energy. Together we will clean, clear and balance your system. And when you are balanced, together we fill your energy bodies with Divine and Blissful energy, also straight from Source. This is to raise your vibration.

The second powerful way to heal your energy, is through remote (distance) energy healing. You don’t need the phone, or Skype. I will tune into your vibration and send you very powerful Source energy for your highest and greatest good. You don’t have to tune into my vibration. It even works while you sleep or are at work. Like magic!

If you want to tune in at the time I work with you, the power will be stronger, especially if you already are sensitive to it. You will get an email after I have completed your healing session.

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