Happy for No Reason? Yes You Can!

happy for no reason is not an illusion. Being unhappy is. The happy blissful man on the photo shows you how to be happy. Look at his beautiful smile: it breathes happiness and gratitude!

Have you ever felt happy for no reason? A lot of people worldwide master this type of Blissful Happiness. What about you? Can you feel Happy just because you want to feel good all the time? Or are you struggling with it? Do you think you can only be happy if the circumstances are good? If so I invite you to read further! It might even make you feel happier. If you practice Happiness long enough, your life will be filled with sparkling Joy, like never before! Everyone can be in a permanent state of Bliss!

True Happiness is not about your stuff or circumstances!

Despite the fact that nowadays we have more “stuff” available than ever, many people are not happy at all. We buy the newest IPad or Iphone or other Mobile goodies. We shower ourselves with luxury things. All in an effort to feel better. We think all this modern “stuff” will contribute to our Happiness. But be honest now: does your stuff really make you happy?

Having things you love is nice. You should pamper yourself, if you have manifested enough abundance to pay for it. See it as a present to celebrate your Greatness! You can have as much as you like. No sweat. No Universal Law will stop you from doing that. It is enjoyable to be surrounded with things you love and like!

If it feels good, you should. But keep in mind, that this kind of Happiness is not the real deal.

It is only temporarily. In the moment you buy something, you may feel Happy vibes flowing through your system. That is a Lovely feeling. But the minute you put the newly bought goody somewhere in a drawer or elsewhere, that lovely feeling is soon gone. This is important to keep in mind. The joy and gratitude you feel for new things you buy, does not represent a permanent state of Happiness.

The same goes for circumstances. We think a party or a vacation or going to the movies makes us happy. Although it contributes to Joyful feelings, this is also not the real Happiness you can feel all day long. The type of Happiness without having a good reason. Just feeling Blissful, because you choose to.

Why You should be Happy for no reason

There are several reasons why you should practice your Happiness muscles. In general you will feel much better, if you are not dependent on people, things or situations. It will give you a feeling of super power if you manage to feel happy without any occasion or condition.

Happiness contributes to your energy vibration. You energy vibration responds immediately back to you with even more Happy vibes! Just because you want it! What you focus on will always grow. If you practice enough, you will automatic become happier. This will definitely contribute to your feeling of well being.

If you master the being Happy for no Reason game, you will also notice that you feel healthier. This is inevitable. Many studies show that people who are living a Happy life, often get a great health in return. This has to do with stress. If you are unhappy, your stress levels will come to a point where they almost explode. Happy people have low stress levels. So it’s vital to learn how to be happy for no reason!

Stress is a killer to many people. The cause of many health issues. If not almost all! The cure for stress and related diseases is Love, Bliss and Happiness. If you can feel this way all the time, the stress will stay away. Energy Healing can be of great assistance to you, if you can’t manage this by yourself. Releasing stress is more than just doing some relaxation exercises. Your emotions are way more important.

People that live in a permanent state of Blissful Happiness feel Powerful. They are full of energy! If you can be happy for no reason, you also feel happy about yourself. Or even better: you automatic start loving yourself on super deep levels!

I hope you enjoyed this article. In future articles I will give you many free tips on how to feel happier. You can be happy for no reason too! If you have any questions or like to share something about your Happy Vibes, please post your comment below. I look forward to your stories! How happy are you right now?


Author: Anja Toetenel

Spiritual Life Coach, energy healer, shaman, writer and woman.

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