Affirmative Prayer: Forget about the details!

Affirmative Prayer is a strong way to state your affirmations. It works much better than the classic affirmations

Affirmative prayer is getting more and more popular. This is for a reason! If you practice the Law of Attraction you probably have tried to manifest your desires with affirmations. Did you succeed with it? Most people don’t. Are you one of those people? Then you should read this post! I will show you a way, that DOES work.

There is a good explanation for why most affirmations don’t work. In most cases those positive inspired words you speak, think or write down, create even more blocks in your energy field. Blocks to receive and manifest!

I have been there. I used affirmations for many years, with little success. That was many years ago. I know better now. And completely understand, why I booked so little success in manifesting.

The Universe Works out the Details

You have probably heard this one before. But do you really understand what it means? Let me explain…

Let’s say I want to manifest paying for a beautiful house I want, but don’t have the resources to do it. If you are into affirmations, you would probably state in great detail what you want.

And there lies the trap… A lot of people affirm about that house, what it looks like, how much money is needed to buy it. Some do even add additional instructions to the Universe, like winning the lottery to be able to do it.

Remember the subtitle? About the details the Universe works out? And what do most affirmers do? Right, they talk about the details. This is as funny as letting your accountant know, what he should do with the numbers, even if you don’t have any knowledge about bookkeeping!

Affirmative Prayer works much Better

Instead of focusing on all the little details, it is much more Powerful, to stay general in what you affirm. A lovely way to do this is through affirmative praying. This way of affirming has nothing to do with the church or religions, so please don’t be mislead by the word “prayer”.

In Affirmative Praying you use a general, yet Powerful statement to let the Universe know what you are after. In case of the house example, you simply state, in the present time, that you are the proud owner. Like this:

“I do now live in my dream house”.

To give it more energy, you add feelings to it. Imagine how you would feel, if you were already living there? Happy? Free? Awesome? Or… Add this to your prayer. For example:

“I do now live in my dream house and I feel so Happy!”

After doing this, you add some lovely gratitude to your affirmative prayer. Gratitude is amazing for your energy. Make sure you feel it in every fiber of your being! Place both hands on your heart area. Close your eyes, and FEEL amazingly grateful when you state it. It should touch your heart, bring tears of joy, make you feel connected to the abundant flow of the Universe. Practice it. Here is an example for your prayer:

“I do now live in my dream house and I feel so Happy! I am deeply grateful for this amazing gift that is for my highest and greatest good!”

Next you let the Universe know, that you trust it to work out everything, which is needed. By doing this, you let go and let the Universe offer you ALL opportunities, chances circumstances, people, resources, etc. instead of figuring it all out for yourself. The Universe knows better and is wiser. Let this Divine wisdom work for you. You can do this like this:

“I do now live in my dream house and I feel so Happy! I am deeply grateful for this amazing gift that is for my highest and greatest good! I know that all details are been taken care of. There is nothing I have to do, but be open to what the Universe brings my way”

If you focus too much on the details you block the Universe from offering you other amazing tools and opportunities you never could have figured out yourself. So please Don’t do this if you want to succeed!

You end your affirmative prayer by stating that it is already DONE. Your prayer will now look like this:

“I do now live in my dream house and I feel so Happy! I am deeply grateful for this amazing gift that is for my highest and greatest good! I know that all details are been taken care of. There is nothing I have to do, but be open to what the Universe brings my way. And so it IS!”

Millions of people worldwide use “And so it IS”. It is a sign of absolute trust to the Universe, that you know what you want to know IS on the way. Notice how good you feel, when you affirm this way.

This blissful feeling, raises your vibration. The Law of Attraction is all about energy. The higher your vibration is, the more things that fit into a high vibration energy will be presented to you. Like attracts like.

It is important to really let go after you have stated your affirmative prayer. And that you give it all, to stay in that Loving and Blissful state of pure trust. A state of KNOWING that it is already there! Because this is a fact.

Don’t “undo” your prayer by showing worries, concerns, etc. Speak about it to people as if you already have it or that you know it is on the way. Talk from a place of power, a place of knowing, a place of Bliss! Keep your vibration high!

Your affirmative prayer even gets stronger, if you get support of others in a safe environment or online. For example on Facebook. I am in several groups and follow a powerful page, run by Emmanuel Dagher. You can find Emmanuel’s Facebook page here!

Every Monday, it is “manifesting Monday” there, for example. The energy there is amazing. By giving and getting support you make your wishes stronger. Your affirmative prayer will have more Power and Vibration, and so will you.

I wish you good luck with manifesting. If you need a little guidance, I am happy to support you. Go to my services page to book your FREE introduction session with me on Skype. It is my greatest honor and pleasure to support you on your way to success!

Much Love and Light to you,


Author: Anja Toetenel

Spiritual Life Coach, energy healer, shaman, writer and woman.

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  1. Hello Anja, how are you? Hope you’re doing well. Just finished to read it… and I am so grateful for that . This text is an answer to my doctor’s advice I received yesterday. Even though I’m going through a really tough time in every way and directions, I still have this peaceful feeling inside. Thank you so much for being there. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God bless your life. Have a wonderful day. Much Love. Cristina.

  2. Hi Cristina! I am doing awesome, thank you for asking! I am so happy that you like the article. Stay strong. Believe that you are strong and know that you never get more, than you can take. I have known times where I felt the same way, that you do now. But looking back at them, they are now a Blessing to me. And I survived 🙂 Thank you for your sweet comment. Many Blessings to you, my sweet friend!

  3. It is in reality a nice and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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