My name is Anja. I live in the Netherlands and am an intuitive energy healer, coach, shaman, and writer.

I was born in 1969, and from a very young age I was connected with the spirit world. As a young child I was already able to heal pains from people. I was able to read them. I talked with my spirit guides, when I was at my grannies place. That was a safe place for me to be. I could freely talk to my guides. Bless her beautiful soul.

Sadly I went through severe trauma in my childhood. A childhood of severe mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. This went on for many years in a row. This “broke” my spirituality, it was hurt, I wasn’t able to fully connect anymore.

The connection with my spirituality and capability to heal wasn’t 100% gone. It was always there in the background. Due to the traumatic events I went through, I had so called “energy blocks” in my system.

It took many years for me to heal and reconnect with my real self. And reconnect with my Source and spirit guides. I am so happy I made it there. The journey was tough. It wasn’t easy. I had to do a lot of inner work and got lost a lot too.

I appreciate many spiritual teachers, that all for a longer or shorter time played an important role in my life. A few names I would like to mention are: Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Willem de Ridder, Abraham and Esther Hicks, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor and Emmanuel Dagher.

Some of them are still part of my daily inspiration and spiritual journey. They all meant the world to me!

A few names I didn’t mention, because they don’t want to be mentioned. My shaman guide, who only shows up in the lives of people that are ready. He has no website. You meet him or you don’t. If you do and are ready you are blessed with his wise teachings. I was one of them. It had to be. It is beautiful how teachers always show up at the right place and time, whenever the student is ready. I am so grateful he showed up.

I feel so Blessed to be where I am now. I especially want to help and assist people, that went through trauma and are still suffering from it. You can heal, if you are ready to heal. I know what it is like, to feel stuck in pain, depression, sadness, fear, etc. I was in that state way too long. If I had known, what I know now, it wouldn’t have been such a big suffering thing.

All can heal through energy and inner work. But it can only be done if you are open to go for your highest and greatest good. I have walked this path. And it would be my absolute honor to guide and assist you wherever I can, to ease your way, to help you reach that Blissful state much sooner, than I did.

I found my mission, which will be my mission for life. Help people find back their Power and Bliss. To promote Love and Happiness. To empower from a place of Power. To see the beautiful you that you already are. I see nowadays only the perfection in you. And I would love it, if you can see yours and get back to the Blissful “I AM” state of awareness. That beautiful re-connection, that makes you wanna dance and jump all day. Where you experience the pure Love and Joy of life, where you can feel the ONEness, where we all come from, and where we will always be. The Oneness of Love.

If you ever have questions, feel free to email me. Click here to go to the contact page.